Andrew Liles

Andrew Liles has existed on the periphery of 'experimental' music for years. He has released many recordings to much critical acclaim, most recently his reconstruction of Bass Communion "Ghosts on Magnetic Tape", CD album called "Without Season" together with drone maestro Darren Tate, four compositions EP with Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions and "Cups in cupboard" CD - beautiful collaboration with Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus under the name The Wardrobe.

He has worked also with other artists including Colin Potter, Steven Stapleton, Darren Tate, The Hafler Trio, Karl Blake, Faust, Unsong, Nurse With Wound, Daniel Menche, Band of Pain, Lord Bath, Sion Orgon, Andrew King, Nick Mott, Current 93, Paul Bradley, Aaron Moore, Nigel Ayers, Irr. App (Ext), Jonathan Coleclough, Frans De Waard, Freek Kinkelaar, Danielle Dax, Rose McDowall, Edward Ka-spel, vidnaObmana and Ruse.

From The Wire
...a compendium of forgotten folklore awaiting its future.

From                                                                                                                  Foreboding and at times [a] truly unsettling aural examination, a Rorschact rain cloud streaming out blurred images and tangled memories.

From All Music Guide
Such wonderfully dreary music obviously isn't intended for the masses, but taken for what it is, Liles' work here continually startles you, both with its hushed subtlety and psychological effect. 

From Bizarre of the UK's finest electronic experimentalists.

From Beta-Lactam Ring Records
One of the greats of electronic music today.

From Brainwashed
The art of the sound collage and drone music has a group of key members. Mirror, Christoph Heemann, Andrew Chalk, William Basinski, and perhaps just a few more are known and loved and create music that invokes images from other worlds; be those images frightening, sublime, or esoteric, it is impossible to deny their visceral impact. Andrew Liles has been added to that list of elusive and wonderful musicians...

From Side-Line
Never our senses have been so shaken by this intelligent and out of time creation. Andrew Liles is certainly the last alchemist of experimental music.


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