Tomas Weiss

Born near Frankfurt am Main (Germany) , Tomas Weiss early built a lovely relationship to all kinds of music. From 1997 to 2004 he played as DJ in different regionals clubs and radio stations. From 1997-2005 he owned the vinyl store "el culto" - a shop for high quality electronic music.
His career as a music producer started in 2001. He has also formed the global network "el culto" on the internet - a global and idealistic portal for all kinds of art. Supported artists are: Klaus Wiese, Mathias Grassow, Felyon, Marie Thévenet, Amtana, Circulum musicum, LichterSchatten and many others - in various kinds of arts too. His current project is "Amtana" - a collaboration with different artists. Nearly all compositions are written, arranged and produced by Tomas Weiss. With this project only high quality music (in the fields of Pop, Rock, Classic or Club) should be released - with a deeper meaning for a wide range of people. In the near future Tomas also plan to release a series of Sampling-CD´s (Atmos, Drones, Pads, Loops) for producers.


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