Oöphoi & Tau Ceti – Subterranea

  • Catalogue Number: ERA 2029-2
  • EAN: 8594048312291
  • Release Date: 30.09.2003
  • Limited edition of 1.000 copies!
  • (P)+(C) 2003 NEXTERA  

After their acclaimed debut CD release "Celestial geometries", considered as one of the best space albums ever, italian sound sculptors Oöphoi and Tau Ceti are back with the long awaited second CD "Subterranea", inspired by a book about the myth of Agharti, the hidden realm located in central Asia.

Vast sonic explorations with synths, flutes, stones and shells, ranging from
subtle and mysterious atmospheres to highly dynamic passages, describe this out of reach underworld.

The last part of the long suite "The chamber of eternity" features the unique sound of the tibetan singing bowls of Klaus Wiese.

After the outer space adventures of their first CD, "Subterranea" deals with the inner space.


  1. In the wake of Ouranos  9:55
  2. Vril-Ya  8:00
  3. Omphalos  4:01
  4. Aph-Lin  10:08
  5. Rex Mundi  21:37
  6. The chamber of Eternity  13:40 

Total Time: 67:20

Composed, performed and recorded by Oöphoi & Tau Ceti in the Kiva, spring 2002. Cover images and artwork: Alessandra Clini. Special thanks to Edoardo Ciceri for ProTools wizardry. Oöphoi: synths, loops, flutes, percussions, shells, stones, crystals. Tau Ceti: synths. Special guest on Track 6: Klaus Wiese on tibetan singing bowls.

Digitally mastered by Karel Kourek @ RA Studio Prague, February 2003.

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Here we enter the world of ambient music, and that should be ambient with the capital A. No doubt about it. Oöphoi has some reputation in this direction through various releases on CD and CDR but I must admit I never heard of Tau Ceti. The latter plays synths and the first is responsible for synths, loops, flutes, percussions, shells, stones and crystals. I realize this is quite a mouth full, and it may not be easy to detect these various sound elements in this release, which is inspired by the myth of Agharti, the hidden realm located in Central Asia. The six pieces are timeless and weightless blocks of room filling atmospheres. It's music you put on late at night, just before going to sleep (and I know various people who may do this after they go to sleep) and it fills your space, and it passes without too much notion. Mood music of a darker kind. Now I'm writing these lines in the afternoon, and the sky is all grey and snow might fall - this music has the same icy atmosphere. If you like Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana or the entire Hypnos catalogue (to mention some who have been reviewed in Vital Weekly), then may want to hear this too. If you just want a spacious lump of mood music, you are in the right alley too.
Frans de Waard for VITAL WEEKLY number 410 week 7