Lustmord – Metavoid

  • Catalogue number: ERA 2008-2
  • EAN: 8594048312086
  • Re-release Date: 21.10.2005
  • (P)+(C) 2001 NEXTERA under exclusive license from Lustmord

NEXTERA is proud to announce the re-rerelease of the LUSTMORD's critically acclaimed and ground-breaking dark ambient album "Metavoid" - originally released 21st of May 2001.
Being out of print for some years, now due to the public and distributors demand is finally again available!

"The human mind is, and will forever remain, incapable of comprehending the many depths and layers that encompass the universe within which we live. We construct ever changing theoretical and semiotic perspectives in an attempt to map and decode the unknown, but meaning remains incomprehensible.
Through endless corridors of silence and dread, deeper than vacuum, beyond infinity and the realm of measurement, ideographic patterns do not emerge. Our role is insignificant, and is futile at best. The sum of knowledge is nothingness.
Outside the narrow confines of our intellect, larger forces are at play, and some things may best remain unknown."

A Soundtrack for the Apocalypse


  1. The Ambivalent Abyss  12:14
  2. Blood Deep In Dread  7:55
  3. The Eliminating Angel  11:46
  4. Oblivion  6:36
  5. The Outer Shadow  6:44
  6. Infinite Domain  8:28
  7. A Light That Is Darkness  4:54
  8. Insignificance  5:01

Total Time: 63:39

Track 5 featuring Paul Haslinger on additional keaboards and track 2 featuring Steve Roach on bullroarer.

The seventh Lustmord release, and the first since 1994's "The Place Where The Black Stars Hang", "Metavoid" presents the logical development of that unmistakable Lustmord sound, and pushes further into uncharted depths.

While musical fads and fashions all too often dictate form and function, Lustmord has no desire to be constrained by categories.
While Metavoid is born of it's original industrial and soundtrack roots, and passes through contemporary electronica, it looks forwards and beyond the new dark age. 

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