Vlastislav Matoušek – Shapes Of Silence

  • Catalogue Number: ERA 2039-2
  • EAN (barcode): 8594048312390
  • Release date: 01.01.2006
  • Digital remaster: (P) +(C) 2006 NEXTERA under exclusive license from Vlastislav Matoušek. 

An electro-acoustic composition for Tibetan bowls, pipes, percussion, Singing Fountain of The Royal Summer Palace Of Queen Anne in Prague and sound objects !

"As the bones of creatures that lived in the past have left their imprints in stones and we can only think and dream of their resemblance, sounds can also leave their imprints in various real and imaginary "spaces" around us. Although the sounds has faded out before our time, they may still be present as reflections of the past, as Shapes of Silence. And perhaps, they can even speak."

Dedication by Vlastislav Matoušek.


  1. Shapes of Silence I  11:31
  2. Shapes of Silence II  10:53
  3. Shapes of Silence III  11:11
  4. Shapes of Silence IV  10:55
  5. Shapes of Silence V  22:21

Total Time: 67:05

Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Vlastislav Matoušek at Sound Studio of The Academy of performing arts in Prague, faculty of music in 1993 - 1994.

Sound engineering: Antonín Němec, Tomáš Drbohlav. 

24-BIT Digital Mastering by Karel Kourek at RA Studio, Prague, Czech Republic, October 2005. www.rastudio.cz