Mirko Uhlig

Cricket in the field of drones - born: June 1981 in Aachen - wearing a straw hat with a head on fire. Mirko Uhlig first appeared 2004 with his surreal collage project Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf which slowly moved towards the humming of the moon. In 2006 Uhlig decided to release this now much lower and serene music under a less distracting and delusive name. The last known release as Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf was the 7” “Fragment 36” on the Drone Records label; the first as Mirko Uhlig the springtune “VIVMMI” on Ex Ovo. At the moment Mirko’s music is a maybe-equivalent to a calm dusk in midsummer or the smell of burning wood in a clear and cold December.
Mirko Uhlig’s drone collages inhale the memories of the recording venue and this must be a room with high white walls, parquet floor and a tiled stove in an old vacant flat of the period of promoterism. Somewhere stands a small red bedside lamp – and in its shadow a lot of things are budging. The riddle inside is no riddle in itself. It lies on the floor – for all to see and for all to taste. It is open. It feels like wood and smells of aspiration – maybe only of burned down grass. It is no secret for secret’s sake.

”Soundscapes of enthralling fragility and whether Mirko Uhlig achieved suppressing ostensible darkness and partially creating almost something sunny there seems to be some abiding remote facet.” (Unruhr Magazine)

“Uhlig plays a form of drone music that is highly refreshing. He creates something that is beyond the ordinary! For me Mirko Uhlig is one of the better and unfortunately lesser known drone masters of Germany.” (Vital Weekly)

"Somewhere between an impressionist’s field of flowers painting and a dadaist’s love song." (Tokafi)

"Uhlig is one of the few ones able to cut the oneiric bliss of his creations right in the moment of maximum ecstasy." (Touching Extremes)