Jeff Mills – The Art of Connecting

  • Catalogue Number: 2001-2
  • EAN: 8590442841795
  • Release Date: 09.11.2000
  • Detroit techno and experimental electronica
  • This Compilation: (P)+(C) 2000 NEXTERA under license from Axis Records. Published by Millsart/BMG.

Dedication: The Art of Connecting is dedicated to those who feel the need
to express what they feel through the amazing art form of Electronic Music.


  1. Deckard (4'30") previously unreleased /In 2005 released on AX-044  "Deckard" EP/
  2. Nepta (4'57") taken from AX-015 A "The Other Day" EP
  3. Gamma Player (5'33") taken from AX-012 "Humana" EP
  4. 4 Art (5'03") previously unreleased /In 2001 released as A side of AX-024 12"/
  5. Pacific State of Mind (5'17") previously unreleased /In 2001 released  on the MILLSART album "Every dog has its day"/
  6. Cobolt (4'22") taken from AX-016 "Very" EP
  7. The Bells (4'55") taken from PM-002 "Kat Moda" EP
  8. Java (5'02") taken from PM-001 "Java" EP
  9. UFO (4'22") previously unreleased /In 2001 released as B side of AX-024 12"/
  10. Utopia (4'26") taken from AX-008 "Cycle 30" EP

Total Time: 47:26

Produced: Jeff Mills
Design: Constructure
Recorded: The Spider Formation, Chicago
Mastered: Sound Enterprises, Detroit
Adittional Mastering: Karel Kourek, RA Studio, Prague 

All compositions were produced, mixed and edited by Jeff Mills for Axis Records.