Kora et le Mechanix – Excursin Forte (16:9 Progressive Remixes)

  • Catalogue Number: ERA 2047-2
  • EAN: 8594048312475
  • Release date: 29.10.2007
  • (P)+(C) 2007 NEXTERA under exclusive license from Blue Lizard Records

Following the critically acclaimed debut album "Excursin", Kora et le Mechanix the Czech experimentalists decided to invite some of the most interesting Czech and Slovak artists from the alternative scene to participate on their remix album! The result is a unique compilation of exclusive remixes from 16 different artists covering various musical genres including dub, chill out, click'n'cuts, drill'n'bass, electronica and electroacoustic music, but mostly exploring the experimental sides of ambient music. Carefully selected and mastered, this conceptual remix album is highly recommended to everyone, who likes progressive and experimental music with a fresh feeling full of new sounds and ideas.


  1. Pleseck (Miou Miou remix) 3:13
  2. Vandenberg (Gentle Djihad Dub remix by Hypnotix) 3:57
  3. Hammaguir (remix by DJ Blue) 4:29
  4. Cape Canaveral (What Do You See remix by Drama Jacqua) 6:40
  5. San Marco (remix by Yogi Rulez) 5:00
  6. Woomera (remix by Nika77 & Elektrabel) 3:33
  7. San Marco (JThnx remix by Blue M) 7:13
  8. Stancija Volgograd (remix with real sounds by Jaroslav Kořán) 4:51
  9. Kourou (remix by The Hermit & The Ferryman) 6:24
  10. Kagoshima (Sonority Quartz rmx) 4:51
  11. HypertelicExcursinmix (by prof. Neutrino) 4:11
  12. Pleseck (remix by Miroslav Posejpal) 3:30
  13. Tjuratam (Vostok remix by Selectone) 6:52
  14. Kagoshima (remix by Uncless) 5:15
  15. Cape Canaveral (Distorted Columbia remix by X61) 6:43
  16. Stancija Volgograd (Molnyja 2 instrumental mix by Mechanix – edit) 2:14
Total Time: 79:37 

Illustration: Ivo Pelichovský  

Design: Amonit Sharpei

Mastering: Jaroslav Kořán, Studio Pagoda

Executive producers: Michal Kořán & Kristian Kotarac

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From VITAL WEEKLY / number 602 / week 47 :

"It's been a while since we reviewed 'Excursin' from Kora Et Le Mechanix (Vital Weekly 522), so we have to hark back in our memory to remember what it sounded like. These Czechs made some interesting ambient music, which we remember to be a fine combination of Biosphere meeting The Hafler Trio. A nice album, but somehow I didn't expect that to be remixed, and if not mistaken by all Czech remixers. It's that the liner notes come in the same language, otherwise I could have told some more. A remix album is supposed to take the original material into new territory and attract say techno fans to the original - a remix album is merely a marketing trick (sorry if this sounds harsh and you may never realized this before). If The Orb does U2, it's because their record company wants to sell music to Orb fans. Somehow that marketing trick doesn't work for the likes of Kora Et Le Mechanix and their sixteen remixers. I recognized a bunch of names such as Miou Miou, Selectone and Hypnotix, but that's not even a quarter of the lot. It's as usual with these things a mixed bag. There is techno based music, more ambient, deeper ambient, drum 'n bass and even reggea/dub music. I must admit I glanced at the CD box once, decided that I couldn't read the liner notes, and not recognizing any of the names, so I instead played the music and decided to enjoy myself, which I did. A mixed bag of music, put in the right order to be surely entertaining, which it was." (FdW)