Andrea Marutti – The Subliminal Relation Between Planets (Live in Archiaro)

  • Catalogue Number: ERA 2049-2
  • EAN: 8594048312499
  • Release Date: 8. 1. 2008
  • (P)+(C) 2008 NEXTERA


  1. A Drop Within a Drop  16:23
  2. The Pulsating Silence  15:44
  3. Wonderful Ostentation  18:32
  4. In the Fish Trove  23:56

Total Time: 74:34

All music performed and recorded live by Andrea Marutti in Archiaro (Catanzaro, Italy) on August the 24th, 2007.

Edited and mixed between September and October 2007 by Andrea Marutti at Lips Vago Digital Studio (Milano, Italy).

Digital Mastering by Karel Kourek at RA Studio, Prague, Czech Republic.

Pictures by Andrea Marutti and Tommaso Cosco, artwork by Amonit Sharpei.

Special thanks to Tommaso, Fernanda and all the Cosco Family for their invaluable support and friendship durnig the years.

All titles and music are based on and inspired by visual and verbal suggestions by Tommaso Cosco.

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From Vital Weekly (number 607 - week 52) 
- reviewed together with our "Farewell Fields" split CD release by Mirko Uhlig & Dronaement:

A brave move here from Nextera. None of these three artists have a big name yet, and in this day and age to release them on a real CD is a brave move, me thinks. All three artists have some reputation in the field of ambient and drone, mostly due to limited releases on CDR, tape or vinyl. All three are always 'promising' in my book, especially Mirko Uhlig. He has made some great, much overlooked releases, and here returns with a piece that is great. Much reverb is used on the piano, and below deck there is a synthesizer or two lurking and the voices could be the announcement of a train station, but reminds the listener of Bryars 'Sinking Of The Titanic'. Uhlig seems to be heavily inspired - more than before - by Brian Eno's ambient music, especially the first one 'Music For Films' springs to mind. Maybe a bit too much in the direction of new age but still on the right side of ambient music. Dronaement is Marcus Obst from Germany, who offers a live piece here, called 'Fields'. It's not, as the title may suggest, a pure field recording piece, but at the foundation of it, there is some highly obscured field recording, which sounds like a boat or so and on top Obst plays organ/drone sounds, not unlike Palestine (which lead me to think these boys know their classics), but as the piece evolves arpeggio keyboards come in and things land in cosmic land - with soft noise underneath. Quite a nice piece, both of them.
Also live but of a somewhat different kind is the release by Andrea Marutti, whom we sometimes know as Amon and Never Known and also as the labelboss of Afe Records, releasing many Italian artists. He too operates in the area that we could loosely identify as drone music, or ambient, but unlike his German counterparts on the other CD this is of a much darker nature altogether. It's hard to tell what it is that he does; be it synthesizers, samplers, computer processing or just tons of sound effects, in the end the effect is a seventy-minute opus of dark, utter dark electronic music. The planets mentioned in the title may give away some of some of the darkness, and perhaps its all too easy to say that its pitch black as the stars by night, but on christmas eve, with stars bright and almost full moon, these sort of references may count. Think Lustmord meeting Mirror, the darkest fantasy of Klaus Schulze or such cosmic hero from yesteryear, and Andrea Marutti is your man. The ambient/drone posse might be a dead end, and as such none of these three offer any real innovation of the genre, but they all do a great job, producing some excellent music, the best you can get these days. That alone justifies the release of their music on CD and before you know, we have our own new stars. (FdW)