Jiří Mazánek - Rádha-Kršna (Songs Of Love)

  • Catalogue Number: ERA 2050-2
  • EAN: 8594048312505
  • Release Date: 19. 12. 2007
  • (P)+(C) 2007 NEXTERA

"For many years I dreamed about making an album for the greatest lovers and divine principles Radha and Krishna. Finally, my longyear friend Jožan Púry encouraged me to do so. Everything was made possible thanks to a very very devoted musician, sound engineer and friend Michal Ditrich. I am grateful for all of his inspiring remarks, by which he gave my ideas the right direction and then made the realization easy. This loving piece of work would not have come into existence without his help.

For long years I have been sending my love into our world and the whole spiritual universe through my thoughts, my heart and now also through sound vibration. May your hearts be filled with love so that you could give it to everybody around.

Jaya Radhe, jaya Krshna"

Jiří Mazánek


  1. Krshna's flute calls the heart to love I  3:06
  2. Óm namó Nárájanája  6:13
  3. Góvinda Nárájanája  6:13
  4. Mahámantra  7:46 - inspired by Shri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji
  5. Rádha Kršna karna lóla  7:00
  6. Džaja Rádha Mádhava  3:59
  7. Rádha prána Vénu adína  4:22 - inspired by Shri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji
  8. Džaja Rádhé džaja Kršna  6:49
  9. Rádhé Góvinda  5:27
  10. Džaja Rádhé, džaja Rádhé  7:29
  11. Rádhé  4:07
  12. Krshna's flute calls the heart to love II  5:52

Total time: 70:07

Krishna is the greatest divine Person.                            

He is full of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.         

Like Govinda has no Origin,

because He is the Origin of everything                          

and He is the cause of all causes.                                                              

(Brahma sanhita 5.1)

Composed by Jiří Mazánek except no. 8 (Kršnadás Kavirádž Gósvámí)

Texts traditional, except no. 8 (Kršnadás Kavirádž Gósvámí)

Jiří Mazánek plays:

solo vocal, chanting of mantras, choir, Indian harmonium, 86string zither, electronic tanpura, ektars, suling, bamboo flute, zarb, djembe, darbouka, kartals, percussion

Recorded October 2007, Studio Drums

Sound engineer – Michal Ditrich, Jiří Mazánek

Music engineer – Michal Ditrich, Jiří Mazánek

Cover design – Šimon Chloupek

On the cover picture - Krishna and Radha, traditional painting, India

Sleeve note – Jiří Mazánek

Translation – Kateřina Svobodová

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